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I'm still hung-over. It was a most definitely interesting weekend. Thursday I got overly intoxicated, Friday I stayed at home, and Saturday I went bar-hopping with Jarrid and Chris. And then, after bar-hopping, I went back to Jarrid's, and the ex immediately and promptly started as much drama as possible with the help of her roomate. She came over from her apartment just to be a nuisance. No one there likes her, she's childish, stupid-annoying, stuck-up, and a whole bunch of other non-nice adjectives. Anyways, I guess Jarrid had more trouble with them after I left, and I heard all about when we went to the Red Brick Sunday night. Which is where the meat of this update comes in: As mentioned earlier, at 2330 on April 30, I had a perfect game of pool. It was very, very nice. And then we promptly went to Courtside, had another pitcher, and then to the Pub, had quite a few more pitchers, and there it was decided that Jarrid is building a shrine to me in the courtyard after I managed to pick-up yet another hot chick. And get discounted drinks. It is good to be me. :) Went to Wal-Mart, nearly got kicked out for "being too loud", got some pizza, went back to Jarrid's and cooked and ate it while drinking more beer, and then staggered back to my place. Dozed through class this morning, skipping this afternoon, and at 1900 tonight the Tompkins Open Pool Tournament starts at Lucky's. And after that, I meet up with Jarrid and Chris for Round 3. God, I'm gonna need a new liver....
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