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This is a stickup ... don't make it a murder!

Wow. All I've been doing is playing golf. Hit the bars a few times, had a totally WT night at Frog's thursday (power went out, candles everywhere, "Operation Steal Power" from the neighbors, watching Dave Chapelle's Block Party on a laptop whilst trying to get some girls to come over), then today I went and did the back nine at a course called "Hidden Lake". By hole 14, I knew why it was called "hidden", and if I was that course, I'd be so ashamed I'd hide myself, also. Eh, oh, well. Going golfing tomorrow ... and monday ... and perhaps tuesday. Then back to golfing with Frog and Jay next saturday. All I'm doing is sitting here, waiting to here back from companies I dropped my resume off too, so life isn't too bad. getting way too much sun, though. i have sandal tan lines on my feet. I think monday, i might start playing WoW again. I'se need a good waste of time. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta, and damn, it feels good to be out of Athens for good. Even if I'm having a hard time convincing both Grandpa and Jay that I am gonna finish my degree eventually. heh. Be easy, peoples, and try to stay in touch. Will let everyone know when I get a phone number.
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